Ride Engine Saber V1 navy


Designed using the same proprietary data that created our Carbon Elite hard-shell shape, the frame of the Saber is built with a slightly more pliable composite material for the kitesurfer or windsurfer that wants a bit more freedom in their ride. The injected-molded shell has purpose-driven contours that deliver increased torsional flex while still providing the full benefits of Lumbar Lock fit with that coveted Ride Engine locked-in feel. The Saber comes equipped with Unity Ladder-Lock Straps so it’s ready to plug into our Unity Spreader Bar, eliminating spreader bar twist and maximum connectivity.

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Ride Engine


Ride Engine Saber V1 navy 1

SES Shell


SES (Structurally Engineered Shell) is a unique blend of composite moldable materials with computer-aided structural engineering. The SES enhances the flex properties of this hard-shell harness while retaining a high level of fit, support and connection.


Ride Engine Saber V1 navy 2

Unity Spreader Bar


Our patent-pending “set it and forget it” spreader bar system that creates a solid, stable connection. The Unity Spreader Bar applies an ingenious design utilizing custom-molded Unity Ladder-Lock Straps, thereby eliminating the use of traditional webbing and providing an unrivaled, no slip, locked-in fit.


Ride Engine Saber V1 navy 3

Lumbar Lock


A scientifically supported data shape from more than 1000 custom molds, the Lumbar Lock conforms and cradles your lumbar, back and sides to lock the harness securely in place. These enhanced ergonomics ensure that you get the maximum support out of your harness—no more harness sliding side-to-side or riding up.


Ride Engine Saber V1 navy 4

Low Profile Design


Low-profile framework contributes to a perfect fit and maximum mobility while keeping the harness locked in place and eliminating pressure points.


Ride Engine Saber V1 navy 5

Handle-Pass and Front-Mounted Leash Attachments


For freestyle riders, the harness comes with handle-pass-leash mount around the back (which is easy to remove for windsurfing). It also has two forward-mounted D-ring leash attachment points for use when a short leash is utilized.


Ride Engine Saber V1 navy 6

Fusion Memory Foam


Super soft, ergonomic foam conforms to the shape of your torso for ultimate comfort and hold.


Ride Engine Saber V1 navy 7

Full Neoprene Wrap


Minimal-seam construction of a full-neoprene wrap conforms to the body, creating a rash-free interface.


Ride Engine Saber V1 navy 8

Hook-Knife Pocket


Easy access hook-knife pocket location.

Harness size

xs, s, m, l, xl

Harness bar

no Bar, 8'' Unity Kite Bar, 10'' Unity Kite Bar, 12'' Unity Kite Bar

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