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  • Slingshot Sentry V1.1 733.00

    You asked for it! The Sentry V1.1 kite bar has new PU coated center lines which allow for smooth & effortless bar travel with added durability. Our all new quick release is proven and ISO certified, ensuring the quickest and most dependable safety release.

  • Slingshot Sentry V1 655.00

    Click-In chicken loop technology meets intuitive, auto-swivel, line untwisting in this all-new state of the art control bar. The Sentry bar has been thoroughly tested and is proudly ISO compliant.

    Package Includes:

    Sentry V1 Bar, Sentry Bar Bag, Short Freeride Leash & Sentry Bar Quick Start Guide
    – 17″ Bar x 20 meter lines
    – 20″ Bar x 20 meter lines (+3 meter line extensions)
    – 23″ Bar x 27 meter lines

  • Ride Engine 2020 Kite Fixed Hook 66.00

    Boosting, technical freestyle, wakestyle, or if you are the type of rider looking for the most feedback from your kite into your harness the fixed hook is for you.

  • Ride Engine 2018 Metal Sliding Bar 20.00

    Ride Engine’s 2018 metal slider spreader bar offers maximum comfort and travel for hooked-in riding.

    2018 Ride Engine spreader only work on 2018 Ride Engine Harnesses

  • Ride Engine 2019 Kite Fixed Hook 66.00

    Standard fixed hook spreader bar for a classic, locked-in connection to your kite.

  • Slingshot Sentry Quick Release Small loop 53.00

    The Sentry Quick Release Small Loop is a smaller chicken loop with a metal trimming that will provide maximum performance when used with a sliding rope harness. The shorter loop will ensure maximum range of depower throw as well as more durability and lifespan of your harness rope.

  • Slingshot Sentry Trim Line 29.00

    This product contains all the parts needed to replace your dynema trim line on your Sentry bar.


  • Slingshot 4-line kite replacement line sets 20m (fits models 10-19) 233.00

    Compatible for:

    2010 – 2015 Compstick bar

    2016-2019 Compstick w/Guardian & w/Sentinel


    4 lines, 2 x 800 lb Inside Lines (20.65m) and 2 x 500 lb Outside Lines (20m)

    Out of stock

  • Slingshot guardian safety release upgrade kit 120.00

    Compatible Products

    2010 -2016 Compstick

    Package Includes:

    All safety system parts below the bar, the trim line, and active stopper ball.

    Out of stock

  • Ride Engine Unity spreader bar

    A fixed hook offers the most direct connection to you and the kite, and now—when coupled with the innovative design of the Unity Spreader Bar—offers unparalleled feel and feedback. If you’re reaching for the sky and chasing big air, a technical rider that loves unhooked tricks, or are looking for the most direct feel for freeriding and hydrofoiling, the Unity Kiteboard Spreader Bar is the key to unlocking your next level of performance.


    • Quick, no-slip, “set it and forget” adjustment when used in conjunction with our revolutionary Unity Ladder-Lock Straps (available exclusively on the Elite Carbon and Saber harnesses).
    • TensionLock, a unique harness closure latch that levers the final bit of tension into the closure for a true locked-in fit.
    • High-strength composite material construction.
    • Ambidextrous user interface.
    • Minimalist padding creates a clean connection between spreader bar and harness.
    • High-grade stainless-steel hook.
    • Wide hook opening for seamless compatibility with all control bars.
    • Compatible for use on all 2021 Ride Engine harnesses, as well as webbing-based harnesses.*

    In stock

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