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  • Slingshot 2020 Levitator 2,166.002,221.00

    The Levitator is a high-volume board designed to make your journey into the amazing sport of windsurf foiling as easy and fun as possible. With tons of volume for its length, the Levitator provides early planing and easy uphauling while remaining nimble and agile once you’re up and cruising. In light wind or when you’re learning, the buoyancy and stability to uphaul with ease and pump yourself up to speed to get on-foil will make all the difference in your success and progress. This is a board designed to get you up, foiling and having fun as quickly and easily as possible.
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    Slingshot Hover Glide FWind V3 1,250.00

    The FWind V3 is the go-to setup for a seamless transition from windsurfing to wind foiling. Equipped with our crowd-pleasing Infinity 76 wing, the FWind package provides the versatility, range, performance and progression that backs our claim of calling this one of the best wind foil setups on the market.
    Package Includes:
    91cm (35”) mast, pedestal base, tuttle adapter, switch fuselage, infinity 76cm front wing, 42cm rear wing, hardware, shim, neoprene wing covers, custom travel case

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    Slingshot Half Straps are exactly what the name suggests- they’re half of a foot strap designed to provide leverage and a locked-in feel with the confidence of knowing you can kick free of your board when you crash. No more twisted ankles and sketchy crashes from getting stuck to your foil board.
    Provides support and safety for your foiling
    Perfect learning tool for entry-level foilers
    Safer than straps, prevents ankle injuries
    Universal mount with variable stance and angle adjustments
    One size fits all, bootie compatible
    Package Includes: 2 Half Straps, All Mounting Hardware

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